SQL Spatial Presentation to SQL Server User Group

Presentation by Del Robinson, July 2015

An introduction to the basic features of the SQL Server data types of geometry and geography, with numerous examples of use.


The powerpoint - SQL Server Geo-Spatial.pptx
The sample data and SQL example scripts - SQLSpatial_Scripts.zip

Simple Examples - ready to run

Example scripts 1a,1b,2,3 should all be ready to run - they are self contained

Setup Data for crash data and StatsNZ areas

There are 2 sql script files starting with SetupData_

  • The Area Unit script sets up a boundary for Mt Wellington in Auckland

  • The crash data script sets up 8000+ records for Mt Wellington in Auckland and an area in Christchurch

  • This data allows you to run the example scripts 4,5,7

Links to demo web sites

Data Sources